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Globalite helps those who wants people to stay at work/return to work get quality rehabilitation and return to work results through evidence-based occupational therapy, stay at work and return to work activities featuring standardized questionnaires that identifies, categorizes and measures barriers to recovery.

Globalité is dedicated to:

  • Customize occupational health and wellness, disability prevention and return to work programs to enable costs reduction.
  • Motivate and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health and reduce their risk factors for disease and disability in the workplace.
  • Implement interactive tools that engage companies and insurers in creating a culture of wellness in the workplace.
  • Implement tools that engage individuals in behavioral and lifestyle changes to encourage return to wellness and to work.
  • Spread the wellness message as an alternative to the current reactive healthcare system.
  • Educate, inspire and support the importance of living a healthy life and long-term benefits it can have.

Our commitment

  • Offering innovative, complete, and high quality services that are based on facts.
  • Honouring the ever changing needs of our clients.
  • Always building, increasing and improving our precious business relationships within the Health and Wellness industry.
  • Promoting employee wellness.
  • Offering a return on your investment.

Our values

  • Listening – Availability attentive to the person
  • Efficiency – Provide the necessary efforts to be sought with the best tools and objectives with maximum results
  • Responsibility – Taking, recognize, explain and accept the consequences of our actions and decisions in a climate of trust
  • Respect – Take care, consideration, appreciation and enhance the qualities of others and their rights

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

Our 7 occupational therapists are always ready to help you, whether you're in Gatineau, Ottawa or Montreal.

Contact us at 1-855-271-2441 or email us at info@globalité.ca.
Globalité can help you when it comes to health.