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Employee health and well-being must start with a global assessment of well-being in each company.

Our occupational therapists can perform an ergonomic analysis of a work station or of job-related tasks in order to identify the risk factors linked to the development of health problems at work, to ensure that the worker is able to remain at your job.

How many people do you think lives with occupational health problems? Well, according to Statistics Canada, it’s 8.9% of full-time employees who were absent due to illness or occupational disability in 2011.

A work disability assessment can help your business identify and measures factors of prolonged work disability (biopsychosocial factors). This allows to establish a rehabilitation plan appropriate to worker’s disability management and rehabilitation. An appropriate response plan for disability management and rehabilitation of the worker is an important tool for any business that want to reduce work disability.

It’s also important to create a work disability rehabilitation program to prepare the employee for a therapeutic return to work.

What is an effective work disability rehabilitation program:

  • Implement strategies guiding the reactivation of workers
  • Coaching in the workplace
  • Therapeutic return to work
  • Assessment of risk factors of the workplace

Never forget that your main goal by implementing or coordinating a rehabilitation program is to help the workers to access services that will help them to manage their health issues and return to work by improving the health of the company at the same time.

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