The problems you face:

Need help for staying at work or preparing a return to work ?
Need help for the duty to accommodate for a worker presenting a disability?
Need help to manage mental health issues at work?

71% of Canadian workers are disengaged (Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report, 2013). This workers are unsatisfied. These same workers are likely unhealthy.

source: CLHIA special survey. Data on the companies responsible for 95% of total amounts paid under collective STD and LTD insurance in Canada in 2013.

Our approach

We see the bigger picture. We know that health, well-being and occupational performance are related, and they all start with individual workers.

Globalité adopted a support strategy for stay at work and return to work in collaboration with the stakeholders involved. Globalité uses the work disability prevention and rehabilitation model to obtain favorable results in staying and returning to work.

Health + Wellness + Occupational performance
We inspire change by addressing health, well-being and occupational performance all in one. We take into consideration the disability and psychosocial risks factors for extending duration of disabilities.

What sets up apart

72% of workers absent for more than 1 year return to work through our interventions.
Christian (2009) indicates that the chances of returning to work are:

  • 50% after 12 weeks
  • 5% after 1 year

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

Our 7 occupational therapists are always ready to help you, whether you're in Gatineau, Ottawa or Montreal.

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Globalité can help you when it comes to health.