Yoga and Occupational

Therapy Workshop

Yoga and Occupational Therapy Workshop

The courses are open to all and aim to get rid of stress and deep strains of everyday life. This course will explore different techniques based on the theory of mindfulness and the development of practical tools leading to better management of stress and anxiety in daily life. Each course ends with a guided meditation or silent period to apply the material covered.

Introduction to Mindfulness for better stress management
  • Pragmatic content
  • Exchange group and exercise to consolidate
  • Silent and Guided Meditation
Workshops are offered by Eve de Marca

Having always been interested in understanding the human being and being motivated to work in counseling, Eve finished a BA in psychology at UdeM and a Masters in Occupational Therapy from McGill University. These studies allow her to develop a holistic view of health and well-being of the principles found in the foundations and the practice of yoga.

Eve complete a certification of an intensive month in the Ashram Yoga Camp Sivanada to deepen their personal practice and to teach others the benefits of yoga.

As an occupational therapist, she is working in the field of mental health, especially in terms of rehabilitation and maintenance work. The services are aimed among others to help the individual to the development of a better life balance in order to promote physical wellness, emotional and spiritual. She joined his interventions relaxation principles including among others mindfulness and yoga to develop practical tools for better management of stress, emotions and thoughts.

Eve also offers yoga and meditation aimed at the development of a comprehensive psychological wellness to enjoy a moment of pause leading to better stress management.

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

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