Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Whether via an activity or task, occupational therapy consists in assessing, developing and maintaining a person’s functional abilities.

The occupational therapist works to recover and develop the necessary abilities required to be able to perform a task. In the case of residual disabilities leading to permanent limitations, the occupational therapist can assess the needs in the workplace in order to overcome the disability.

The occupational therapist uses teaching and a client-focused approach in order to achieve set therapeutic goals.

The occupational therapist’s teaching enables the employee to understand the illness, and de-mystify the taboos linked to this illness as well as their effects, while giving the employee his autonomy.

The occupational therapist can go to the employee’s home, in the community or at the workplace.

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

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