Work Disability


Work Disability Rehabilitation

Program aiming to prepare the employee for a gradual training toward return to work, i.e. developing the required abilities (physical, emotional, cognitive and social) to meet job requirements with the help of interventions aiming at creating favorable conditions for reintegration into the workplace.

Our occupational therapists maintain a close relationship with all the professionals involved in the employee’s case during this period in order to ensure a rapid return to work.

When required, we integrate other services such as kinesiology for specific retraining situations.

Types of conditions treated in rehabilitation:
1.Employees presenting various symptoms linked with a mental health problem such as mood disorders, professional exhaustion, post-traumatic stress disorder, problems related to psychological harassment, addiction or others.
2.Employees presenting chronic pain or fatigue problems.
3.Employees presenting recovery problems following a cancer diagnosis, head
trauma or others.

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

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