Workplace facilitation of conflicts

in presence of a health problem

Workplace facilitation of conflicts in presence of a health problem

In situations where an employee is on disability leave following a problem at work, this service enables guided and facilitated discussions to find a common ground leading to the resolution of the health problem and situation.

If it is true to say that conflicts can lead to mental health problems, we have often noticed that the opposite is also true. Most studies show that people suffering from mood disorders, depression or dealing with anxiety have a biased way of treating information that prevents them from seeing the positive side. They develop a negative outlook, negative thoughts and expectations and tend to create a negative image of themselves for others (Source: Hammen (1991), Sacco, (1990), Coyne, (1976)).

Our facilitators are well aware of the particular aspects and dynamics of interpersonal relationships with people suffering from mental health problems. They can educate the parties about the dynamics of negative social relationships, and particularly on the role that each player has within this dynamic.

Our facilitating approach in cases of mental health problems has always been based on shared responsibility from all parties. We believe that this explains our high rate of success in re-establishing quality professional and personal relations for our clients.

Occupational health problems can quickly become very problematic for the employee who but also for the employer.

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