Our Values


We believe in the intrinsic power of each person to transform his way of being, feeling and thinking to increase his ability to act on the situations they are living through.


We focus our attention on the person in front of us and recognize its uniqueness. Empathy shapes, among other things, the questions we ask, our listening and the advice we give, because it is at the root of the relationship we build carefully with the people we accompany.


We are grateful for the trust shown by the people we work with every day. We strive to be truthful, honest and impartial in our work and in the relationships we take care to build.


We recognize that the nature of our work requires close collaboration with the people we support and with all the stakeholders around them. We mobilize a vast network of experts around our customers. Thus, together, we become interdependent partners at the service of their health.


We want to make a significant difference in the lives of the people we support and want to remain relevant. Our creativity, curiosity and ability to collaborate allow us to constantly improve and develop practices and services that evolve at the pace of the people we help.