This program is for any person with a health condition resulting in a sick leave that is prolonged or likely to be prolonged. This program, combining an assessment of work disability factors and different stages of intervention, aims to healthy return to work of the client.

Phase I.
Assessment of Work Disability Factors

Assessment designed to provide baseline measurement of recognized biopsychosocial work disability factors that impede recovery from injury or illness in differing contexts. Knowing the work disability factors, a plan of action to help achieve the return to work is then possible.

Phase II.

Stage I: Willingness and engagement
This stage aims to increase the worker’s willingness to change and their engagement in their own recovery. It supports the person in overcoming the barriers which may be preventing the person from deriving meaning and enjoyment from the wide range of activities in daily life. It is recognized that whilst living with a medical condition is challenging, it remains beneficial and important to lead a fulfilling life and engaging in a variety of meaningful activities.

Stage II: Activation and development of abilities to work

This stage aims to support the active involvement of the client in the return to work process. Concretely, it maintains the mobilization and allow the continuous action. There is a continuing adjustment of perceptions and expectations regarding return to work (increase the feeling of self-efficacy, reduce apprehensions and fears / fears about return to work, increase the feeling of confidence in one’s abilities, reactivate work habits), and creation of a context aimed at the concerted action of the various partners and the collaboration of the workplace.

** Kinesiology services in partnership with clinics in the Gatineau area and Montreal also available.


Stage III: Therapeutic return to work

This stage aims at ensuring a healthy return to work of the client to pre-disability employment or other work. We work systematically in collaboration with all the actors involved in the care of the worker. We promote a preparatory meeting early during the phase at the employer’s place to identify return to work arrangements. We offer a framework for the employed worker so that he applies and integrates the lessons learned in the workplace. The duration of this phase of the program takes into consideration the factors associated with work disability.