At Globalité, as occupational therapists, we work with people who find it difficult to perform activities related to work but also related to daily activities such as family responsibilities as well as social and leisure activities.

The purpose of this program is to accompany the client in order to promote a satisfying, productive and autonomous life. As part of this individualized program, we help the client to plan the actions to achieve the goals and change the behaviors required to achieve a higher level of wellness. To do this, all aspects of the person and the environment are considered.

Your are unable to choose, organize, or complete tasks or activities that are essential to your work or everyday life because of stress or anxiety?

You are feeling exhausted or depressed and you are not satisfied with your ability to do the things you like to do or want to do?

Your health has affected your self-confidence and you feel stuck?

Through this program, we can help you develop an action plan and solutions adapted to your unique life that will help you find a satisfactory state of health and well-being.